What does HIT Week mean to you?

Healthcare technology has the power to transform and evolve our industry for the better. In one of the most complex industries in the world, wrought with inefficiencies, lack of care coordination, rising costs, and sub-optimal levels of quality, new and innovative healthcare technology solutions can and will address these challenges, with the aim of improving and enhancing care delivery, and the overall health of our nation, for generations to come.

Justin Mooneyhan, MBA, PMP, CPHIMS

Sr. Director, IT Project Management

Information Technology Department


What does HIT Week mean to you?

fter 10 years of implementing standards-based electronic health records (generally funded by the HITECH Act), significant advances in cloud analytics capabilities led by Microsoft, Google and Amazon, literally billions of dollars invested in digital health solutions and radical consolidation by the industry – the U.S. healthcare system arrives at an exciting inflection point.  Now, more than ever, partnerships and converged models of care are necessary to drive costs lower, improve access and contribution to a safe, high quality system – with a customer experience that rivals other industries.

The role of health information technology has never been more “front and center” – enabling capabilities at the local, state and federal level – contributing to the quadruple aim (improving the health, lowering costs and improving the experience of patients – while addressing the fourth aim – reducing burnout and ensuring clinicians return to putting patients at the center of care) and representing a model for health and health care delivery for decades to come.

The journey will not be an easy one, however, will undoubtedly involve deeper partnerships among payers, providers, medical device and life sciences organizations.  Relationships built on trust, utilizing data and information technology to augment care provided – at a location, time and modality preferred by patients. 

Eric Thrailkill

Vice President and Chief Information Officer of AmSurg Corp. and TN HIMSS Chapter President

What does HIT Week mean to you?

There’s no other field I can imagine working in than HIT. We work with some of the brightest minds who use technology to identify high risk patients for suicide, cancer and heart disease yet also improve the efficiency of monthly financial statements.

Jennifer LeMieux

TN HIMSS Chapter Program Chair